Well today is day 2 at the NYNOW market at the Javits Center in New York City.

We are very excited to be exhibiting this year.  Our booth is perfectly positioned in the Lifestyle section on the first level, booth # 7656…

Here are some pictures at the end of set up.

Happenstance Creations display at the NYNOW market in booth "Lost & Found" #7656.

Happenstance Creations display at the NYNOW market in booth “Lost & Found” #7656.


Full collection of coordinating Tented Name Place Cards, Flour Sack napkins, Linen Tea Towels and coasters. Designs include florals, fruits, nautical, nature, lifestyle, holiday.

If you are attending, be sure to stop by and say hello!

Sunflowers and a magazine

I was very excited to receive my copy of Gift Shop Magazine Spring 2014 Issue this week.

I am a magazine freak, I always enjoy reading hot off the press magazines.  But this one was extra special because I submitted a few of my designs for consideration for the feature on Greeting Cards.

To my surprise, when I flipped open the magazine, there was my Sunflower Card. I mean really, to flip open a magazine and have it land like that was a bit of happenstance …if I must say so myself.  It was a great article about greeting cards and the stationery industry.  There must be a lot of people out there who value writing and mailing special messages thru cards because the industry is doing very well!

The article highlighted the variety of designs available today.  There are so many to choose from- which  brings great depth to any selection made by the consumer. There are cards created to appeal to the  many different ocassions, the many different emotions that come up. They make us laugh, they tell stories that words can’t express (in a few lines), they make us cry, make us feel proud, make us feel thankful, joyful.

Across the continent, across the world, across the street……the message travels thru many hands and is experienced in  a tangible, tactile way.  It takes many hands to deliver that message.

Love this industry!  This card is available in my Etsy Shop!


SunFlower Card

SunFlower Card as seen in Gift Shop Magazine, Spring 2014 Issue

Hello April!

Coming off of the winter we have had, any sign of spring is encouraging!  I am starting to see branches of Pussy Willows  when out and about in local stores.  I grew up in the Northeast, so I appreciate and look forward to the change of seasons.

I find it refreshing  and  motivating.  A change  in sports, activities and wardrobe makes everything seem like new again.

First sign of spring....in the grocery store!

First sign of spring….in the grocery store!

April is also National Card and Letter Writing Month .  A whole month honoring note writing  and card sending OR creating tangible, tactile expressions of thoughts and ideas.

April. Card. Letter Writing. Pussy Willows…….

Happy National Card and Letter Writing Month!


The Wonders of a Thank You Note

I recently came across this article in INC. Magazine called “5 Powerful Notes That Will Change Your Life” and had to share.  I am so excited that writing a Thank You note is getting some press. Note writing is so important.

This is what I know about Thank You Notes…..

Thank you notes change lives.

It’s simple and old fashion, but very cool.   

The authenticity of note writing is good for the human spirit and the economy as it requires focus (you need a few minutes of quiet time), hand writing( a mind engaging skill that is being used less and less), use of the postal system (now that’s a major impact), and feels good to do. 

I encourage you to read the article and embrace note writing into your life.

Blackberries Thank You Folded Note

Blackberries Folded Thank You Note by Happenstance Creations



Pop Up

Pop up stores.

What a great concept for our economy. Utilizing open retail locations temporarily and bringing great product to the neighborhood.

A temporary retail store.
                                      …………………….Now in Montclair, New Jersey just in time for the holidays!

Montclair Pop Up is a 1300 square foot retail space that is selling many products that are made by local artists.

Happenstance Creations’s cards and linens are there among many assorted beautifully crafted products

Make this holiday season special and purchase products that are handmade, not massed produced.

Shop locally and see first hand for yourself. 

Monogramming In Color

Are you a lover of monogrammed stationery? I love gray, such a beautiful warm color, but I was feeling the Indian summer we are having and decided to add more color options to my monogrammed note cards.

Monogrammed note cards are a clean, elegant style that work great for a more formal note.

Monogrammed Flat Notes with Gray Border, Orange encircled Initial
The green is really pretty
Green Bordered Monogrammed Flat Note Cards

                          The pink is a mauve.

Mauve Bordered Monogrammed Flat Note Cards

    All come with single or double initial options and are available in my Etsy shop. Simple, design on beautiful paper.

Double Initial Monogrammed Note Cards

Happy Note Writing!